TEPM Project Managers


TEPM has established long-term relationships with a number of innovative technology companies.

Technology re-imagined

Through these technologies, TEPM has been able to deliver world-class technical solutions, to European standard, for a large number of industries whilst still using local skills and materials where possible.

Crowley Carbon

Crowley Carbon are an efficiency engineering company, assisting client’s manufacturing sites to achieve peak plant performance. Crowley Carbon’s Clarity application provides real-time analytics to generate energy and process insights that save money and time.

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Leuze have been innovators for technological milestones in industrial automation for more than 50 years. The Leuze product range includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, data transmission and image processing solutions, and machine safety components and systems.

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ONEJOON is the technology and market leader for oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces used in the production of carbon fiber. ONEJOON also has a very strong position in the markets for cathode and anode material production for lithium-ion batteries.

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Netek IR Systems

Netek solves customers’ drying needs for surface treatment of wood, metal and plastic, treated with solvent and water based coatings or powder coating. The infrared catalytic drying (CIR – Catalytic Infrared Radiation) results in shorter drying time, less energy consumption and reduced VOC and CO2 emissions.

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Turbo Dosing Systems:

Turbo Systems were established over 50 years ago and have now become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Food Processing Equipment.

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