JP Project Management

Project management


What is a PMO?

A Project Management Office supports a company’s portfolio of projects


What does PMO aim to achieve?

It ensures projects are delivered on time and to budget and compliments the existing structure of the company


The problem.

Typically, a company is geared to fulfil its primary functions (i.e. manufacturing of goods) and does not have full-time project management skills, processes and resources.


The solution.

In this instance, a company will look to external expertise to fulfil or augment project management requirements

Contractor Management
  • Monitor contractor performance, daily interface
  • Resolve technical issues as required
  • Project close-out (documentation, as-builts, manuals etc.)
Schedule Management
  • Generate realistic project timing plan
  • Track progress against project milestones
Risk Management
  • Health, safety, environment

  • Goods delivery

  • Production impact

Quality Control
  • Quality control, assurance, inspection
  • Status updates, data analysis and management reports 
Change Management
  • Scope change, cost variations, penalties
  • Design, technical drawings
  • Specialist liaison where applicable
Technical Procurement
  • User requirement, specification, tender adjudication, design review
Financial Management
  • Track actual spend, invoice approval, reconciliation and forecasts


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